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LTL Cold + Frozen Transportation

About Us

About Us

LTL Cold + Frozen Transportation

Carrying a Strong Legacy Forward

In the early 1980s, Walter Messick and Lawrence Hayman founded H&M Transport, a small transportation brokerage company built on the guiding principles of hard work and customer satisfaction, resulting in a winning combination. More than four decades later, these principles continue to thrive at H&M Bay as we stay true to this mission. We proudly provide 3PL logistics (third party), cold transportation, frozen transportation, cold storage, and LTL (less-than-truckload) nationwide temperature-controlled delivery of goods through the food supply chain with a focus on customer satisfaction that’s stronger than ever before.

A 3PL logistics company, H&M Bay specializes in frozen and refrigerated LTL transport for food manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. We utilize superior logistical expertise to deliver baked goods, deli and dairy products, meat, seafood, prepared foods, plant-based foods and beverages.

We use barcode technology and computerized dispatch to automate identification and tracking of pallets stored. Through our hi-tech system, our customers can regularly connect with real-time status reports on orders and delivery for LTL cross-dock information and other valuable on-demand, web-based services and data.

H&M Bay’s operation runs with the understanding that there’s no margin for error when it comes to perishables, operational excellence, or superior customer service. Every interaction and step in our meticulous process matters as it impacts 20 million pounds of commodities and over seven thousand shipments across America each week.

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H&M Bay Timeline

40 years

H&M Bay celebrated its 40th Anniversary


H&M Bay has 600+ employees and our refrigerated trucks ship 20 million pounds of refrigerated LTL freight each week


Lawrenceburg, TN facility opens

Table Talk Pies outsources cold storage ops to H&M Bay in Worchester, MA


Garland, TX consolidation center opens


H&M Bay mobile app launches

H&M Bay initiates barcoding technology


Fort Wayne, IN facility opens


H&M Bay receives 1st of more than a decade of Top 3PL and Cold Storage Providers awards


Charlotte, NC facility opens


Walt Messick, III joins H&M Bay – today he serves as COO


Kent, WA consolidation center opens

H&M Bay proprietary customer portal launches


New England consolidation center moves to Uxbridge, MA


Federalsburg, MD HQ completed with consolidation center housing 100 employees

White Springs, FL facility opens


H&M Transport and Bay Carriers merge, becoming H&M Bay, Inc.


Bay Carriers opens, servicing Los Angeles and Seattle


H&M launched in Hurlock, MD and began with a 10-person office serving the Northeast Corridor

The Associations We Keep