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H&M Bay Advantage

H&M Bay has built a reputation as the country’s premier logistics provider and storage company for LTL frozen and refrigerated goods, with outstanding performance delivery. Our commitment to hard work, technology, operational excellence, and superior customer service remain unwavering as we efficiently consolidate, store, and deliver 7,000 shipments and 20 million pounds of cold chain commodities each week through our nationwide carrier network made up of an extensive group of independent truckers.

The Transformation We Deliver

For more than four decades of experience and hundreds of diverse customers who have shared their valuable insights with us, H&M Bay understands that there can be roadblocks working with partners who detour from their promises. Our team takes pride in becoming a steady and strong extension of your business. We deliver hi-tech transformation against common industry obstacles while offering competitive rates and significant added value; all within an environment of transparency and trust. Just look at our track record of industry awards and long-standing customers and team members, and you’ll find that H&M Bay doesn’t stop short of excellence. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how our independent network of refrigerated trucks can deliver on this promise for you.

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Documents & Resources

We’re pleased to offer the following resource directory where you can access necessary information and paperwork needed to research or start an order. Please contact our customer service team if we can help answer any questions along the way!