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Driving Excellence Since 1982

We Deliver Solutions.Value.Nationwide.

Driving Excellence Since 1982

We Deliver Solutions.Value.On Time.Nationwide.

Coast to Coast, We Deliver.

We have nine locations throughout the United States with both short- and long-term cold storage capabilities that provide local pick-up and nationwide delivery service. Our warehouse consolidation expertise allows quick resolution and turnaround to maximize efficiencies into your final delivery destination. Whether your frozen and refrigerated storage needs are cross-dock, short- or long-term, H&M Bay is here to help you both store and carry your food supply.
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Award-Winning Operational Excellence

Award-Winning Operational Excellence

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Innovations in Cold Chain Logistics

H&M Bay is focused on innovation in cold chain logistics. Temperature-controlled 3PLs face an additional level of advanced logistics to factor into their capabilities, planning, and efficiency. Failure in a cold chain can lead to waste, loss of product, and eventual financial impacts. And the market is only growing. The cold chain logistics services market is estimated to have a

Day in the Life of a Truck Driver

Being a truck driver is a unique and demanding lifestyle. It’s a constant journey, and each day brings new experiences, challenges, and a connection to the open road. H&M Bay is inspired by these road warriors that successfully deliver 7,000 shipments for us each and every week. This life of independence begins early in the morning, often before the crack

Kevin McMahan is Promoted to Director of Operations

JANUARY 16, 2024 – FEDERALSBURG, MD – H&M Bay, Inc., a premier logistics provider for less than truckload (LTL) frozen and refrigerated commodities, today announced that Kevin McMahan is promoted to Director of Operations. Kevin has been with H&M Bay since 1997 and has held numerous positions in operations throughout his tenure. Starting as a Mid Atlantic dispatcher and warehouseman,

2023 Food Logistics Trends | Why Temp Control Really Matters

The effects of the global pandemic are still being felt across the supply chain industry. However, with the rapid development of technology, there are ways for companies to be ahead of the curve and remain successful. The temperature controlled supply chain has been growing, and is projected to continue to grow at an impressive rate. The aftermath of the pandemic

The Evolution of the Modern Highway From Trains to Trucks

H&M Bay got their start in the late 20th century, when our founders Walter Messick Jr. and Lawrence Hayman founded H&M Transport. In 1986, H&M Bay’s service to Los Angeles and Seattle meant that the national interstate system became an integral part of the company’s success.We here at H&M Bay are inspired by the dreams of many which resulted in

The Most Scenic Roads in America – The Road Less Traveled

With the warm summer season quickly approaching, people will soon be hitting the open roads. Travelers will be exploring the unparalleled geographical range and biodiversity the United States has to offer. Many states provide some of the most visually stunning routes in the world, and while road trips may be a special occasion for many, for H&M Bay’s network of

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