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2023 Food Logistics Trends | Why Temp Control Really Matters

The effects of the global pandemic are still being felt across the supply chain industry. However, with the rapid development of technology, there are ways for companies to be ahead of the curve and remain successful. The temperature controlled supply chain has been growing, and is projected to continue to grow at an impressive rate. The aftermath of the pandemic has led to adaptive changes in the transportation and supply chain industries. Projected trends like omnichannel fulfillment, cloud-based systems, and machine learning are on the rise.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel fulfillment allows customers to “purchase and receive their orders from multiple seamlessly integrated sales channels”. It also helps to reduce costs, improve transportation time, and overall optimize operational efficiency.

Cloud-based Systems

Cloud-based systems help with efficient information storing and generally making logistics more seamless for operational, administrative, and management jobs. These systems help to financially benefit companies through saving time and costs. Furthermore, in regards to technology, blockchain helps to enhance security of data and financial records even more.


In addition to improved security, the whole data management system becomes more efficient and streamlined. Radio-frequency Identity (RFID) chips also contribute to enhanced analytics and tracking of shipments. Not only do RFID chips benefit the food logistics industry, but they also benefit consumers who are able to track their deliveries and packages down to the specifics.

Technology Here at H&M Bay

H&M Bay is proud to have been named a Top 3PL for more than a decade. Efficiency is incredibly important to both companies and consumers. KPMG found that “67% of organizations consider meeting customer expectations for speed of delivery as a critical force impacting the structure and flow of their supply chain over the next 12-18 months”. Companies should be prioritizing investing in technology in order to improve their capabilities and ability to adapt to the changing landscape. H&M Bay has made a significant investment here, as with temp-controlled LTL in particular, technology is critically important to the success of transporting each and every load, on-temp and on-time. That’s why investing in technology is a key part of H&M Bay’s commitment to providing exceptional service to its customers. Technology helps maintain the efficiency and structure of our business operations, day-in and day-out. These advancements have been a key factor over the past several years in our industry, and that’s why logistics companies like ours are embracing changes that allow us to track customer’s orders and enable swift communication in the supply chain.



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