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Tasty Summer Menus


What do pallets and palates have to do with one another? Well, without logistics teams and truckers moving mounds of pallets of fresh and packaged food across the country, our tasting palates wouldn’t be able to benefit from all of the goodness we enjoy having access to so many fresh ingredients!

Summer is in mid swing, and as the world finally gathers together again, it feels appropriate to honor all of the incredible efforts of our logistics teams working like gangbusters around the country (and world)! As we gather together again with friends, let’s raise a glass in thanks to their long hours and efforts to keep our stores stocked so we can enjoy all the wonderful flavors summer has to offer from the comfort of our backyard summer gatherings! That being said, many of us are a bit out of practice when it comes to hosting! Fret not, as we’ve put together some fresh ideas for summer celebrations that won’t let the heat spoil your food or your fun.

We hope these tasty recipes help keep you and your guests cool as a cucumber through these hot summer days. Here’s a collection of some of our favorites. From meat-eaters to your plant-based friends, these bites are sure to delight even the most sophisticated palates!


Summer heat calls for cooler treats, which is why we’re starting out our recommendations with some unheated appetizers. Treat your guests to a delicious Watermelon Strawberry Caprese Salad, full of delicious summer fruits and balanced with feta cheese, for a no-fuss crowd pleaser. Want some deli meat mixed in? No problem! Try the simple-yet-irresistible Chorizo-and-Manchego Crostini recipe for a tasty appetizer sure to satisfy. Or, if you’re looking to impress with an innovative fruity and cheesy skewer, try this recipe for Melon, Prosciutto and Mozzarella Skewers that we’re confident will wow your friends (if you don’t eat them all on the way to serve them)!


For the main course, you can really never go wrong with a classic American burger. This recipe includes sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, bacon, and Pico de Gallo to spice up your sandwiches. Want a non-meat burger option? Sub in a Beyond Meat, Impossible, or other favorite veggie patty, or if you’re feeling adventurous, roll up your sleeves and make your own plant-based burger with this delicious crowd favorite: The Best Veggie Burger.


If you’re not a burger fan, try this savory 5 Ingredient Hummus Pasta for a simple yet impressive take on pasta, and pair it with a healthy side like this Green Beans with Crispy Chickpeas recipe. Your guests will be coming back for seconds, guaranteed.


Every summer celebration needs a yummy dessert to top it off! We’ve got your sweet tooth covered with some fun ideas. If you’re ready to impress beyond some premade cupcakes from the store, these patriotic Bomb Pop Cupcakes will be an instant crowd favorite, mimicking the classic Bomb Pop Popsicle flavors in a delectable treat. If you’re feeling the heat, a nice cold Firecracker Milkshake will be sure to cool you down. If neither of those entice you, try this highly-rated Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake, which definitely will help you beat the heat. 


We couldn’t share all of these delicious recipes without giving thanks to the hardworking temp-controlled LTL truckers and logistics teams that make getting all of these ingredients and products to your local markets possible. As many people continue to embrace celebrating together again and joining together to break bread, the temperature-controlled transportation industry and independent truckers will continue to work hard to ensure that the American people have access to all the ingredients and foods they need in stores and restaurants, so that we can continue to celebrate with all of the people we care about. 

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