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Truckers Move America Forward

Americans recognizes National Truck Driver Appreciation Week the second week of September each year. Truckers move America forward and this is a time to honor all professional truck drivers. At H&M Bay we are incredibly grateful for our network of independent truckers and their hard work. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates there are one million professional men and women truck drivers. We can be thankful for truck drivers, and recognize that without them, our tables, our restaurants, and our grocery stores would all be empty. 

Since the pandemic, truckers have become busier and more on-demand than ever before in our nation’s history. The job of a trucker plays a vital role in the economy and the supply chain, and the work is exceptionally demanding. Many truckers are married to long hours behind the wheel as well as time away from family. That’s why more than ever, it is time to show appreciation for the truckers of America and all that they do to keep our country on track. 

For truckers, early mornings frequently turn into late nights as they often spend countless hours at work on the road — many of those hours are behind the wheel where focus and concentration are key. Anyone who has ever been on a road trip knows that a journey on the road is met with countless stops to stretch, get food, use restrooms, and the general exhaustion that comes from driving all day. Doing these types of herculean drives day after day in a large 18-wheeler is a cause to celebrate and appreciate. 

Our Network of Independent Truckers 

H&M Bay places incredible value on its relationships with its independent owner-operator truckers, and our growing nationwide carrier network is a driving force of excellence, particularly during the last few trying years in the supply chain. Industry wide, truckers have been playing a nearly impossible game of catch-up since the start of the Covid pandemic.

In a survey reported on, 56% of drivers reported carrying more loads in the third quarter of 2021 compared to 2020. The industry needs 96,000 new truckers annually to keep up with current demand and experts forecast that the driver shortage could climb to nearly 240,000 in the coming year.

However, despite the increased demand, H&M Bay continues to deliver. We are proud to say that our truckers are responsible for 7,000 shipments and 20 million pounds transported weekly across the U.S. and this hard work and commitment has resulted in more than 10 consecutive years of earning the distinction of a “Top 3PL & Cold Storage Provider.” 

The independent truckers that work with H&M Bay help to make the wheels of the company go round, and there aren’t enough words to showcase our appreciation for them. 

Three Reasons To Celebrate Truckers  

Despite all the havoc in the supply chain that the trucking industry has encountered, during Truck Driver Appreciation Week we remember just why truckers are so important. 

Personal Sacrifices

Truckers spend countless days and nights away from their families to provide for them and deliver goods to you. Married to long work weeks, they miss out on birthdays and holidays to fulfill responsibilities to their job. Businesses rely on them to operate, and truck drivers push through hour after hour to make things possible. However, more than just thanking truckers, it is also important to be thankful for the families of the truckers. Their support from home is what keeps them going. 

Importance to the Economy

Truckers make the wheels of the economy turn, as they transport goods across the country. Businesses and people rely on drivers to deliver goods promptly, especially perishables. In fact, according to a report from Commercial Freight Systems (CFS), over 70% of goods used by Americans are transported by truck. Moreover, when disaster hits, truckers deliver goods in the blink of an eye to those who need them. The economy sits on the shoulders of truckers. However, despite a glaring shortage of drivers, they manage to deliver time and time again. 

Driving Through It All

From rain to sunshine to snow, truckers persevere. Not every day will be blue skies and clear roads, however, truckers are relentless in their pursuit to deliver on-time. Furthermore, truck drivers have to be cautious when driving during inclement weather, as anything can happen within an instant. Truck drivers are some of the most skilled individuals on the road, which should come as no surprise considering the hours that they spend behind the wheel. Their alertness to their surroundings is of the utmost importance, as blind spots for a truck can be quite larger than driving a normal car. 

During Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and every week, it’s important to give thanks to truckers. You might ask just how you can do that? 

  1. If you see them on the road, give them a thumbs up or a wave of appreciation. 
  2. Post on social media with the #ThankATrucker hashtag. 
  3. If you stop at a gas station or rest stop and see a trucker, consider picking up their tab or buying them a cup of joe to thank them for their effort. 
  4. Safely share the road with truckers. Signaling well in advance before switching lanes and knowing their blind spots creates a safer environment for you and them.

The independent truckers of H&M Bay have worked nonstop since the start of the pandemic 2 ½ years ago, which is why throughout the entirety of this celebratory week, we want to express our gratitude for them. Truck drivers literally make the wheels of America go-round. Their rigs move nearly 70 percent of goods across the country. They are the unsung heroes of society, and we salute them.

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