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Veterans Drive Our Industry Forward

Veterans drive our industry forward. It’s important to express our gratitude to the U.S. military personnel who have bravely served our nation and protect our freedom on Veteran’s Day. On Veteran’s Day in November – and every day – we at H&M Bay salute all current and former members of the U.S. military. We thank you for your service. In addition, we are proud of the many employees and independent truckers within H&M Bay’s network who are military veterans.

H&M Bay is a Veteran-lead organization from the top down, with many of its employees from the company’s COO, Walt Messick III, to dozens of dispatchers and warehouse workers across the country who are all proudly former servicemen and women.

The success and growth of this industry is largely due to the veterans involved in it, and this is especially true for H&M Bay where our vast independent network of truckers move 20 million pounds of freight per week. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that about 10 percent of all professional truck drivers in America today are veterans.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, “Of the approximately 9 million veterans employed across the U.S. economy in 2019, 10.3 percent (about 926,000) were in occupations directly involving transportation.”

An essential skill that veterans acquire during their military service is experience with heavy machinery, this skill is essential for our independent truckers as well as our warehouse forklift operators in H&M Bay’s many warehouses across the country. According to US, veterans “had 42% fewer accidents in recent years”. This solidifies veterans continued commitment to maintaining the safety of Americans, and the understood duty to serve their country both in and out of military service as they help put food on America’s tables.

H&M Bay has expanded into the company that it is today because of the dedicated veterans involved in our network. Serving our country is an honorable duty, and we are grateful to all the men and women who have courageously defended our nation to maintain its freedom. H&M Bay thanks all members of our armed services this Veteran’s Day and honor the veteran independent truckers who help our business run smoothly from coast to coast.

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